If you are looking at purchasing a used Gerber EDGE printer or selling your existing one, you may want to check out how long it’s been running.  One of the key features to look for is how long the printhead has been used.  The procedure to find this is different depending on the model of thermal printer.


On a Gerber EDGE or EDGE2 printer
1. With the printer on, press the RESET button so the display reads OFFLINE.
2. Press and release the SETUP button to view the next setup screen. (It should read test pattern)
3. Keep pressing and releasing the SETUP button until it reads PRINT MINUTES. (About 22 times)
4. This will give you the minutes the EDGE has been printing.Note: This number may not be accurate if the EDGE has had the printhead or CPU board replaced.

______________________________On a Gerber EDGE FX:
1. Use the onboard keypad to find the IP address of your printer.
a. From the main menu of your EDGE FX, press F4 for the system menu.
b. Press F1 for Network
c. Press F1 for TCP/IP.
d. Press F1 for IP Address.
e. It should show something like
2. At your computer, open your web browser (usually Internet Explorer or FireFox)
3. In the Address line of the browser, type the IP address of the Edge FX and press ENTER.
4. Once in the web interface, go to bottom of the page and click on Diagnostics
5. At the bottom of that page, click on Statistics.
6. On the next page, click on TPH Statistics
7. From here, you should see all of your print timing information.


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  1. Danny Lopez @ 2011-09-24 11:11

    Hi seller, I need the gerber edge 2 printhead, give me the price.

  2. Matt Wilson @ 2011-09-24 11:37

    Print heads for the Edge printer are only sold through service repairs at Gerber. If you contact us in ATS with the serial number of your printer, we can contact Gerber with your request. Eventually, you would need to send your Edge to Gerber for them to replace it at their location.

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